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FLASH! Inclusive Technologies now has a complete online accessibility course on information and communication technologies.  The training is fully customized to your needs:

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Customized and effective

Inclusive Technologies has provided direct accessibility training to more than 4500 people over more than 10 years.  Among our industry clients are Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, Cisco Systems, HP, Microsoft, Panasonic, Qualcomm, SBC, USWest, and Verizon.  We have provided consumer-oriented training to SHHH, NAD, TDI, and AFB.  We have provided training to regulators and accessibility program coordinators at federal, state, and local agencies, schools, and universities.

We have trained engineers, human factors specialists, procurement specialists, product managers, marketing managers, public relations and regulatory staff, product documentation developers, and support specialists -- there's important content for each job responsibility.  Each staffer needs basic background, plus specific guidance to help them do what's needed.

Every organization is different, so we tailor our content to meet your needs.  Much of our training uses both our online materials and in-person training.   We can suitcase all training to your location, to keep costs down and coverage up. 

Our training includes:

Our training goal is not to preach, but to give your people the understanding and tools they need to do their jobs better.  Contact us about a training package that's right for you.

We deliver Training Previews sponsored by ITTATC -- a 2-hour look at accessible information and communication technology. We are scheduling these around the country at a number of locations. Register today -- it's free!

ITTATC also sponsors free training for consumers and public sector employees on IT and telecom accessibility, using our online courseware especially customized for ITTATC and its audiences.