Toxic Ideologies

Here are some of the concepts about disability and technology that I think hold us back from doing a better job of inclusion and accessibility; just my opinions.


Disability as a curse for sin, a blessing, or a test


(esp. terms like victim, -bound, sufferer)

Gothic (?)

surface display of flawed character — spiderman, evil scientist or his assistant, criminals

Dr. Loveless from Wild Wild West movie


How to be a disabled villain





“Don’t stare!”

Pity & sentimentality

— “I have this little guy who…”


— supercrip — everyone is Oscar Pistorius — “you’re so brave”


— “otherly abled” “differently abled”

Technology as cool savior

— de-humanizes, de-socializes, makes it seem inevitable, automatic — tech. utopianism
See the Antidote page.

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