Inclusive Technologies is one of those Virtual Companies you hear about.  Mostly, it’s because our Principal lives in New Jersey and cannot get anyone to join him there….  But also because the idea works well in this field: different technologies, different disabilities, different aspects — if you wanted to have all that done by full-time employees, you’d have to have hundreds of ’em.  So we work one project at a time, Mission Accessible style.

Jim Tobias, Principal, has worked on accessible and usable technology for more than 25 years.  First as a technician at Berkeley’s Center for Independent Living, later as the Rehabilitation Engineer at the Matheny School and consultant to a wide range of public and private agencies, he joined Bell Labs and later Bellcore as their in-house expert on disability issues.  After 10 years, he left to found Inclusive Technologies, the only firm of its kind offering both technical and non-technical services to companies, agencies, and consumer organizations.  Jim is a long-standing member of RESNA, participated in the Access Board’s Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee, and co-Chairs the IVR Accessibility Forum.  Jim’s difficult personality and hopeless attempts at humor force us to restrain him to a rather small office.

Andrés Amorós is a web accessibility expert and trainer.  He has quite a bit of background in business and technology, although he was originally trained in mathematics.  He lives in Spain and is an accomplished dancer (no, not with a rose between his teeth).

Judy Biroux is a software and multimedia developer with experience in special education.  Although she is still working on her B.A., she has already collaborated on several classroom IT projects of national scope, including a project in her native St. Louis that brought together high school students from several schools to create animations that explored their own physical disabilities.

Lee Gumnic is a web designer and programmer with years of experience in Internet technologies. While still working on his B.S. in Computer Science, Lee has established himself in the online community with his web-based design company. Lee specializes in database programming and dynamic content.

Haik Hoisington is a talented Brooklyn-based illustrator, animator, and designer. He has worked on educational interactive multimedia projects for over three years. Haik tries to use animation and illustration to inspiring thinking and open minds. He is especially fond of incorporating music and politics into his work.

Mark Morais is a software developer with a hardware background — he began repairing his father’s pinball machines when he was 10!  Mark recently graduated college and is providing us with software and web accessibility services while hundreds of more lucrative offers whirl around him.  He is the hearing son of deaf parents.

Dana Mulvany is both an accessibility consultant and a psychotherapist specializing in disability issues.  As a person with a hearing loss, Dana has made herself one of the Internet’s most respected experts on the accessibility of telecommunications technology; her psychology background makes her an effective advocate and communicator.  Dana has served on the California State Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program’s Equipment Program Advisory Committee.

Morti Nahareniu is an industrial designer with experience in electronics and home appliances. He has worked at Philips, Black&Decker, and Merloni, a leading firm in his native Hungary. Although he specializes in universal design, he has some interesting thoughts on industrial organization and marketing brought about by his experience during Hungary’s transition to capitalism.

Now, how about you?  If you are interested in working with us and have the right skills, please drop us a note!

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