Consumers and advocates

Inclusive Technologies works with individuals and consumer organizations to support their efforts in advocacy and training. Our background in the independent living movement and in industry makes us a good source for relevant, savvy information and advocacy tools.


  • Technology training. Don’t be ashamed that you don’t know the difference between HDMI and WCAG. (You already know the four-letter words you need most to describe technology access problems!) Learning about technology gives your advocacy more credibility and leverage.
  • Technology trend analysis. We can give you a good idea of what’s coming so you can plan your programs to anticipate changes rather than wait for them to disadvantage your constituency. Come swim upstream with us into the headwaters of R&D!
  • Strategic planning. You don’t have a technology program now? We can help you plan one that will mobilize your members and attract new support.
  • Complaining 101. This full-day course is more useful than it sounds! Companies want more customers, and you want more accessible products — you have more in common than you think. Most of the problems come from consumers and companies not communicating well. Companies are usually ready to listen, but you have to know how to say something they can do something about. This occasionally subsidized course consists of:
    • technology training and updates
    • an understanding of how companies design and market their products
    • how companies structure their consumer feedback channels (customer support, registration cards, web visits, etc.)
    • how to identify “accessibility hot spots”
    • how to communicate effectively about your experience with their product
    • how disability advocates — organizations and individuals — can best influence companies about their products

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