Inclusive Technologies provides a full range of consulting services to companies, public sector organizations, consumer advocates, researchers, purchasers, and policy makers on how products can better meet the needs of all users, including users with disabilities and elders.

Accessible and usable products are a puzzle with four pieces:

  • Industry wants to understand how to make their products more accessible in an efficient manner.  For this they need market and technical information, an understanding of user needs, and guidance for complying with regulations.
  • Public agency purchasers want to understand how to evaluate products for accessibility before they buy, and how to implement them in the most accessible manner, and to do all of that efficiently.
  • Consumers and advocates want to understand how new technologies and products will affect them.  They want to move forward into new technologies like everyone else, and they want to find the products and services that are accessible to them.
  • Public policy makers want to put their work in the right context: what policy tools will have the most efficient and effective impact, and serve the needs of all stakeholders.

2 Responses to Services

  1. Aaron Chu says:


    This is a message for Mr. Jim Tobias.

    I am a software engineer in the Silicone Valley who came from a Post-war Art history background. I had the fortune to attend your 3/4 session at CSUN named “Accessibility is like…”. I just wanted to say that it was a beautiful session. As someone who is also aware of the ecological movement as well as food revolution, I deeply resonated with your perspective and could not feel any more excited during your presentation. At the beginner of the session, you had mentioned Rachel Carson, that was particularly memorable to me as it reminded me that I should really add Silent Spring into my book queue! Equally memorable is also the notion of convergence between fields and industry as implied in your presentation. That convergence is what excites me the most especially in the context of humanity and, more importantly, equality. Thank you so much again for the inspiring presentation.

    Aaron Chu


    • Jim Tobias says:

      Thanks for your kind words and interest, Aaron. You and others are encouraging voices; I will add the content of my presentation to the site and participate in a number of upcoming policy-oriented events.

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