Accessible Products

All the best intentions and planning will not add up to success in accessibility unless there is improvement in your company's products.  Inclusive Technologies' staff have an astounding hundred years experience in accessible technology design.  We know how to study products and suggest changes that will make them more accessible and more usable by everyone.

Our approach to product design is to seek cost-effective, proportionate access solutions that make business sense.

Product audits

We can conduct a full-scale or limited review of your existing products for their access features and barriers.  Unlike other access consultants, we cover all disabilities.  Unlike other access consultants, we look at the whole product, including documentation, packaging, collateral, and customer care.

A thorough task analysis, coupled with liaison with your developers and product managers, gives you an audit that you can use to make improvements.  We usually find at least three changes for each product that would dramatically improve access at little or no expense.  Product audits are an effective way to raise your staff's awareness of access issues -- many companies have used them as part of accessibility training.

Design review

We can review your design -- at the earliest stage possible -- and report access issues back to you, along with suggestions for improvements.  We work within your product development process.  Our reviews include responses to all regulatory requirements.

Design assistance

We can provide our expertise even before you begin your design -- as you develop the feature specifications, or even as part of your market research.  As the design progresses, we can help you steer clear of access barriers, usability snags, and regulatory obstacles.

Design support

Some companies have found that working with consumers with disabilities is a plus in their product development process; this function is actually included in the Access Board Section 255 Guidelines.  Savvy consumers with disabilities give useful feedback to product concepts or prototypes.  We can help you find the right people for focus groups, technical or interface tests, and market trials.

We have supported several companies in re-engineering their product development processes to include accessibility review.  We work with your product process managers to put accessibility where it belongs -- not as an additional element that stretches your time-to-market, but as an integrated part of your human factors and usability efforts.