Market Research

Inclusive Technologies performs market research on the disability and aging market segments, and on what accessible products appear in the market. We provide a full range of market research and analysis services:

Consumer Research

  • Secondary research from government and industry sources: Who are these consumers? What are their needs? What are their purchasing behaviors? There is a lot of information available from different public and private sources. We collect and compile the right information, and deliver it to you in a usable form.
  • Primary research using accessible survey formats and grassroots recruited respondents. We have led research on all categories of disabilities, for almost every kind of product in the information and communications industries. We also perform satisfaction and company perception studies, using a sample of your current customers.
  • Auditing how your company and its products and practices are perceived now by these customers. Our audits can usually identify five simple, inexpensive improvements you can make.
  • Focus groups — we can help you throughout North America with targeting, recruiting, developing discussion guides, moderating, and reporting the results.
  • Consumer panels — establishing a long-term panel consisting of select advocates and unaffiliated consumers can provide you with valuable relationships. We can help with recruitment, organization, and communication.
  • Market planning — we can help you “move and improve” in a cost-efficient, proportionate manner. Avoid guesswork in your accessibility program.

How to integrate disability and aging

One tricky issue in accessible technology market research is understanding how to connect disability and aging. The majority of people with disabilities are older consumers, but the leaders of the disability community are younger, better educated, and more severely disabled. We have worked with a number of companies on building connections between the two market segments, and in developing an integrated approach that pays off in both markets.

Worldwide Accessibility Market

Inclusive Technologies has performed studies of worldwide demand for accessible technology. Looking at high-growth regions, international development efforts, and the evolving public policy arena, we can see how and where accessible technology markets will change over the next 20 years. These studies, supported by a consortium of companies, get at how public and development policies will increase the demand for accessible technologies. Your company can have access to both general reports focusing on geographic sectors and industry segment reports.

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