Market Analysis — Dexterity

Potential market, according to various sources

2.6 – 8.3% of the total population. These figures include people with missing arms, hands, or fingers; people with paralysis; people with arthritis and other limitations of reach, grip, or stamina; and people with cerebral palsy and other limitations of motor control and accuracy

Barriers encountered

  • Holding, orienting, and carrying devices
  • Storing and retrieving devices
  • Typing
  • Using a mouse or touchscreen

Assistive technologies

  • Various devices for holding or stabilizing devices
  • Alternate keyboards, on-screen keyboards, special switches, and other input devices

Mainstream features

  • Speech recognition
  • Large virtual keyboards
  • Tab-key interfaces (press ‘tab’ to move amongcontrols; ‘enter’ key to activate)
  • Reduced input requirements (few choices per screen)
  • Large on-screen targets

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