Moderate Hearing Loss


At least 10% of the population has mild or moderate hearing loss. Prevalence increases rapidly with age, so that more than 25% of people age 60 and older have moderate hearing loss. Most do not have or use hearing aids. As many as 15% of school children have reduced hearing on any given day due to colds and infections. Some hearing losses occurs in one ear only, which may or may not affect the use of specific products.

Common barriers

  • Public address systems, especially when acoustic environment is poor
  • Audio output with poor quality and/or no ability to adjust volume
  • Inability to adjust volume due to the presence of other unimpaired listeners
  • Environments with low tolerance for sound (e.g., libraries)

Preferred features

  • Adjustable volume
  • Frequency equalization
  • Compatibility with headphones or other private audio accessories
  • Compatibility with hearing aids and assistive listening systems




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