Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure

We know that accessible ICT is reaching only a small fraction of the people who need it. What if all ICT could be made accessible to everyone, without having to install every assistive technology product on every device in the world? What if people could create their perfectly personalized interface and have it follow them onto every device they use, automatically?

This is the vision of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). GPII is an international initiative to build a way to deliver accessibility features into the Internet itself. GPII will deliver wholesale accessibility opportunities to employers, educators, public agencies, and let AT companies market their products worldwide. At the same time, it will let users with disabilities explore the features that work best for them, and create a personal profile in the cloud that will work on any device they encounter. GPII is intended to transform the the world of accessibility from obscure, expensive, slow, and incompatible to ubiquitous, affordable, and synchronized with mainstream technology.

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