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The Office

Microsoft Office 2010 applications will be available for free via the Internet, albeit without as many features as the commercial versions. As of today, “it’ll be available for testing to tens of thousands of users, albeit by invitation.” Any folks … Continue reading

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New biometric device saves faces

Biometrics keep advancing, in support of security and user authentication applications.  There are continuing concerns about accessibility because many of these technologies use characteristics that some folks lack, such as fingers and retinas.  But pretty much everyone has a face, … Continue reading

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Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone

This mobile speakerphone, with simple, large controls and good audio input and output, is designed for use in cars. But it may be just what’s needed for wheelchair users or folks with impaired dexterity. It can connect wirelessly with a … Continue reading

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An iPod accessory with heart

The Thinklabs Stethoscope Recording Package interfaces an iPod, a stethoscope, and a recorder. The result is a stethoscope that provides amplification (great for doctors with hearing impairments) and that can be used to record notes during exams (that presumably could … Continue reading

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A sound stethoscope

The Noise-Immune Stethoscope was designed for doctors on battlefields and other ultra-loud situations. It should also be a boon for doctors with hearing impairments. Noise-Immune Stethoscope helps medics hear vital signs in loud environments

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The identifier currently known as prints

We’ve reported on fingerprint biometrics before, but Privaris’ keychain-sized device performs multiple functions–it can be used to open doors, verify computer users’ identities, etc., reducing the number of devices that a single user might have to carry around. Very cool. … Continue reading

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