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Do You Hearable What I Hear?

Hearables are wearable devices you listen to, such as earbuds and headphones. These product parts or accessories, already obviously popular, are positioned to grow in use and take over new functions, including replacing some visual interfaces, with embedded microphones, gyro … Continue reading

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First Sighting: VR in the Workplace

Interesting speculative article on VR for work. We’ve heard a lot of these ideas one at a time — less commuting, how to create happy-accidental encounters — but there’s all here in one place, along with some new ideas and … Continue reading

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No iPad jokes from us, no sir

We were going to wait until some of the hype died down before considering the accessibility side of the iPad–but fortunately our friend Ricky Buchanan has already started the process. Looks promising! AT Mac: Accessibility and the iPad: First Impressions

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Slight digression: A long, long time ago, we worked for an academic journal in the company of several Ph.D.s who we could then only describe as “eccentric”–for example, one apparently owned a single pair of pants at a time, always … Continue reading

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The beat goes on

The 3M Littman Electronic Stethoscope, like other stethoscopes we’ve covered before, has obvious advantages for doctors who are hard-of-hearing–including ambient noise reduction, acoustic seal earpieces, and amplification options. But we’re also interested in its recording and Bluetooth capabilities, which allow … Continue reading

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Shot, less in the dark

OK, here’s what we’re all about: Alex Dejong, a professional photographer with acquired blindness, figured out how to use the VoiceOver speech output feature in the latest iPhone to access photo editing applications, eliminating the need to hire an assistant. … Continue reading

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