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Comfortably Nimbb

What if you want to get in on social networking, but typing is difficult, or you communicate better by voice or sign language than text, or you just prefer video? Nimbb is a new service that lets you record brief … Continue reading

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Card trick

James Alliban, a Flash programmer in London, has come up with an augmented reality business card; point it at a webcam, and it gives you a 3D representation plus audio–think Leia’s virtual “Help me, Obi-Wan” incarnation. The video still leaves … Continue reading

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Sense and sensitivity

The good folks at Dartmouth’s MetroSense initiative are hard at work prototyping two interesting mobile applications with potential access implications. SoundSense can analyze audio information and provide feedback on whether it’s a voice, music, or just noise; imagine this being … Continue reading

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Estonia and then they’ll say “good luck”

Starting in 2011, citizens of Estonia will be able to vote via any cell phone equipped with an ID chip. Will the interface follow WAI guidelines for designing for mobile devices? Will it be friendly for, say, both voice-output and … Continue reading

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We know Fido has been begging for his own Facebook identity, and a company called SNIFtag (motto: “tails told, friends made”) has just made it easier to indulge him. The eponymous tags allow social Setters and convivial Collies within reasonable … Continue reading

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“Please listen carefully, as our candidates have changed”

Voting machines have to be accessible to people with different disabilities.  Most of the times the manufacturers slap on a voice output system for blind voters and a dual switch scanning solution for physically disabled voters, then call it quits.  … Continue reading

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