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Google Maps Adds Accessibility Info

Over the years we’ve seen several attempts to collect information about architectural accessibility (mostly wheelchair access) into consumer-friendly resources. These turned out to be too hard to disseminate¬†or too local to attract enough usage — the bitter end for millions … Continue reading

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Sync and swim

YouTubeSocial is a website that lets you load a video and notify all your pals so they can watch it along with you, IM-ing all the while. Anyone else thinkin’ this could be a great tool for providing on-the-fly real-time … Continue reading

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One order of iPad Thai

Sharp is trying out a restaurant app in Japan that would let individuals browse the menu and place their order by iPad. If implemented with even a soupcon of thoughtfulness, this could address a variety of access issues, from working … Continue reading

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You can’t spell “complain” without “LA”

Using an Apple iPhone app, L.A. citizens can now take a picture of a broken sidewalk or other municipal flaw and send it directly to the city government for instant relief.¬† How about reporting blocked curbcuts or illegal use of … Continue reading

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As it is Twitten

Carmen Gonzales has come up with a summary of pretty convincing arguments about why Twitter has made a huge difference for people with physical disabilities. Some of these involve the potential for generating and receiving information with little effort, but … Continue reading

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When in Rome, do like a Roman

Now that we think about it, it makes sense: fear of H1N1 may be driving development of touch-free products light years forward. Take the Holy Water dispenser that some Italian churches are installing and which work on the same principle … Continue reading

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