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Directions For Me

Small-footprint CCTV-type devices are blooming all over to provide people with visual disabilities magnified or audio access to product labels. However, this may be an involved process, especially if the labels are located in odd places–no one wants to be … Continue reading

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Boil howdy

The Boil Buoy gets put in the pot of water you’ve got on the stove. When the water hits the boiling stage, the Buoy gives out a ringing tone. Developed for the mainstream via Quirky, the design-by-consensus website, but we … Continue reading

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Digital measurements

The Smart Finger prototype is essentially a gesture-based system for measuring short distances. Put the paired devices on two of your fingers, and they’ll give you a readout indicating the measurement in either metric or U.S. units. Has the potential … Continue reading

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Here’s the scoop:

We’re keeping an eye on the relevance to wheelchair users of the Roboscooper, which looks like a commercial variation of the iRobot Create modification for the Roomba. Roboscooper picks up objects and puts them in a “cargo bay” (unclear if … Continue reading

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Yuban waiting for this

Fingerprint biometrics have been used for security for some time, but finally they’re being applied to something really important–coffee making. The Xelsis Digital ID saves preference information for up to six people, and brews your cup your way at the … Continue reading

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Beam me up, Numi

Most of us have wallets or keychains bursting with loyalty and membership cards for various stores, and it doesn’t even take having a disability to experience difficulty finding and retrieving them when needed. Enter the Numi Key, which stores all … Continue reading

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