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Gaze into the past

Eyegaze systems have been around for quite some time as a computer access strategy for people with ALS and other causes of near-total paralysis. Now it’s being used as a mainstream hack to operate an old-style Nintendo system, at least … Continue reading

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iCade, iSaw, iConquered?

Looks like the iCade cabinet for the iPad is this year’s Tauntaun sleeping bag–a product originally designed as a joke that stirred up real interest. The theoretical iCade would allow control via buttons and joystick as well as touchscreen. Proposed … Continue reading

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Guten ’nuff

Project Gutenberg is a long-standing project that transfers out-of-copyright books into electronic text formats–usually classic fiction, but there are some oddball gems scattered in as well. Now comes word that some fraction of these titles will be available through the … Continue reading

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Cubic feet

Awhile back, we documented a tactile Rubik’s Cube. Now here’s one for people who can’t use their hands but can use their feet. If two people try to solve the Crazy Foot at the same time, would they become arch … Continue reading

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Production code, 2010 style

Here’s an interesting use for QR codes: Fandango, the movie ticket service, now has a mobile service that will send a code to your mobile phone. When you get to the theater, a scanner reads the code. No more paper … Continue reading

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Primp up the volume!

No one buys a laptop or netbook for audio quality, but lots of people use their portable devices for audio-intensive apps like playing music, watching movies, and talking on VoIP.  Now people with mild to moderate hearing loss can improve … Continue reading

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