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Key concept

Note to our mainstream colleagues, whose blogs we’re constantly indebted to for ideas: One of the easiest ways you can get our attention is to label a product “totally useless.” For example, there’s a concept keyboard that has keys etched … Continue reading

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Vox Popularis

Just when we thought we’d have to let a month pass without mentioning news from the Optimus Keyboard folks, Art Lebedev announces the Optimus Popularis. According to the man, “Shorter than Maximus, it will not use OLED screens, but will … Continue reading

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Brainwave of the future?

Over the years, we’ve seen–and been somewhat skeptical about–various biofeedback devices for computer control. We don’t know if this Japanese prototype presents any breakthroughs in reliability for that purpose, but we do like that it’s wireless and that its initial … Continue reading

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Just point your camera phone at any building or object (or person?) and a team of AI, GPS, and image processing software back in serverland delivers information to you: what it is, what it costs, your chances for a date…. … Continue reading

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WUD’ll we do…

T minus one month and counting to World Usability Day. Check out the website and sign up to do a local event or webcast–or just find the celebration in your neighborhood. Remember, you put the youse in usability…or something like … Continue reading

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You can’t win the sprawl

A recent University College London study found that more than half of college students attribute pain in several body areas to laptop use–usually because they’re taking the name “laptop” literally, and typing on their laps, bed, or floor instead of … Continue reading

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