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Buddy system

We’ve written before about automated Twitter messages as a communication strategy, but most examples were either hacks or left little leeway for consciously choosing a desired message. Enter Buddy Radio, a simple device currently being tested with elders by the … Continue reading

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No iPad jokes from us, no sir

We were going to wait until some of the hype died down before considering the accessibility side of the iPad–but fortunately our friend Ricky Buchanan has already started the process. Looks promising! AT Mac: Accessibility and the iPad: First Impressions

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What’s so bad about feeling bad?

We’ve been chewing over this article about Anthony Dunne (who is also cited in Graham Pullin’s design meets disability), a designer who believes that usability is better served by playing to, rather than minimizing, standard human reactions such as anxiety … Continue reading

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Pill pager prompts Pop to pop

We’ve seen many medicine reminders, high and low tech.  Now we’ve got one that does text messaging!  This compact, attractive prototype pill dispenser can receive SMS (wireless text) messages that remind the user to take a pill.  The message and … Continue reading

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Sending out an SOS

Caller ID from WhitePages is an add-on to the Android mobile phone that provides the call recipient with information about the city where the incoming call originated and whether it’s coming from a landline or cellie. Could be useful for … Continue reading

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How much is that in dog ears?

OK, so most of these anti-terrorism product designs are silly, creepy, or both. But we kinda like the doggie earphone that interfaces with a walkie-talkie; if the range were wide enough, people who use service dogs could still give commands … Continue reading

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