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Welcome to the Hotel Call-lock-for-ya

Holiday Inn will soon be installing special room locks that open when you play a coded song for them from your smartphone.  Both the unlock tones and your room assignment will be sent to your phone automatically, so you can … Continue reading

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iPad your pad

Environmental control has always been a huge issue for people with mobility disabilities; if you can’t control the TV from afar, for example, you may be stuck watching bad reruns long after your program of interest has ended. Ability to … Continue reading

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Continuing in the parade of useful smartphone apps: LookTel (price TBD), uses graphic codes, image recognition, and live human support to identify and announce any object you point the camera at. It’s touted for blind folks, but we think it’s … Continue reading

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Intel has come up with a pretty cool wireless capability. Hook a small box up to a TV, press a button on your laptop, and voila: a large computer display. This has terrific implications for accommodating students with low vision … Continue reading

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Caption crunch

Onstage LED displays that provide redundant text have been an opera staple for some time, but to the best of our knowledge there hasn’t been a widespread equivalent for other types of theatrical performances. That might change with Airscript, a … Continue reading

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The beat goes on

The 3M Littman Electronic Stethoscope, like other stethoscopes we’ve covered before, has obvious advantages for doctors who are hard-of-hearing–including ambient noise reduction, acoustic seal earpieces, and amplification options. But we’re also interested in its recording and Bluetooth capabilities, which allow … Continue reading

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