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Audio Aware App Amplifies Alerts, Alarms, Accidents

Say you’re walking down the street, distractedly listening to the music on your mobile device, just about to step off the curb. Wouldn’t you want to be aware of any nearby sirens or alarms going off? One Llama has developed … Continue reading

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911 to expand communication options

Texting is a perfect example of what AoMS is about–a mainstream technology that is seamlessly relevant to one or more groups of people with disabilities, in this case people with hearing or speech disabilities. However, when texting could be most … Continue reading

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Dude, where’s my mouse?

MIT has come up with a prototype for an invisible mouse. You cup and move your hand as you would with a standard mouse, but instead of a physical piece of plastic, there’s a camera and light source that track … Continue reading

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You can’t spell “complain” without “LA”

Using an Apple iPhone app, L.A. citizens can now take a picture of a broken sidewalk or other municipal flaw and send it directly to the city government for instant relief.  How about reporting blocked curbcuts or illegal use of … Continue reading

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Beam me up, Numi

Most of us have wallets or keychains bursting with loyalty and membership cards for various stores, and it doesn’t even take having a disability to experience difficulty finding and retrieving them when needed. Enter the Numi Key, which stores all … Continue reading

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Buddy system

We’ve written before about automated Twitter messages as a communication strategy, but most examples were either hacks or left little leeway for consciously choosing a desired message. Enter Buddy Radio, a simple device currently being tested with elders by the … Continue reading

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