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Nokia if you got ’em

You’ve got a Nokia N8 phone. You’ve got a TV or other display with an HDMI interface. You plug the former into the latter, and voila: an instant magnified, touchscreen-style interface for a limited number of functions, such as running … Continue reading

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Like a hand with a cool seven-letter word, or like QWXJJZK?

The first commercial app is now available for the Kindle: a uniplayer version of Scrabble. Can it be used with Kindle’s voice output capabilities? Now that there’s a precedent, will there be other apps that take advantage of Kindle voice … Continue reading

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You must remember this…

And the iPad jumps into the world of brainwaved-powered operation. Currently used for osculatory goals, but other applications could be developed, either to allow people with little or no dexterity to run apps or to serve as a biofeedback trainer. … Continue reading

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Ubuntu in your face

An Ubuntu prototype will react to your face and body position in a variety of ways–automatically making text larger as you move away, for example, or expanding a video to full-screen mode if you lean back. Very promising for both … Continue reading

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IE Aieeee?

Skimming through a review of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 release, we saw some changes that might be problematic for assistive technology users. For example: “All but the most essential interface elements in the browser have been removed or hidden … Continue reading

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One order of iPad Thai

Sharp is trying out a restaurant app in Japan that would let individuals browse the menu and place their order by iPad. If implemented with even a soupcon of thoughtfulness, this could address a variety of access issues, from working … Continue reading

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