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Another Step In Computer Vision

Welcome the Structure Sensor — a device you attach to your iPad that lets you capture 3D objects in space automatically. That is, move it around the object a bit, and it begins to appear as a 3D model that … Continue reading

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Optical character recognition tool might have applications for assistive technology users

WordLens is a new iPhone app that can be used to recognize text within graphics and translate it (just Spanish->English and English->Spanish for now). Because this uses optical character recognition, we wonder if the technology could also be used to … Continue reading

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Instapaper auto adjusts contrast based on time of day

Instapaper is a neat little iPhone app that lets you save websites for future perusal. What’s interesting about its latest release is that it lets you enter your location, and adjusts the text/background contrast from dark-on-light to light-on-dark around the … Continue reading

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Sneaky snapper

Camera Camouflage is a new iPhone app that will pretend to call your phone. Every time you speak, or make any noise louder than the ambient environment, the app snaps a picture. Great hands-free photography option for people with severe … Continue reading

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Still better Windows text-to-speech

Balabolka adds new features to free text-to-speech for Windows.  You can import all kinds of files, set the voice characteristics you want, change the speed and emphasis, etc., then export the results as audio files, say for an mp3 player.  … Continue reading

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Diminished Reality

We’ve covered augmented reality interfaces, where a video image is superimposed with additonal content, such as the history of a building your camera is pointed at.  Now researchers at the Technische Universität in Ilmenau, Germany are going the other way … Continue reading

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