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Sync and swim

YouTubeSocial is a website that lets you load a video and notify all your pals so they can watch it along with you, IM-ing all the while. Anyone else thinkin’ this could be a great tool for providing on-the-fly real-time … Continue reading

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Cloudy captions

Online captions make videos accessible to people with hearing or language disabilities, and make content indexing and searching possible for everyone.  There are more than a few online captioning tools.  But SpeakerText is a bit different.  It uses speech recognition … Continue reading

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A decent sort

We hear a lot of complaints from clients about their clogged Email inboxes–especially from folks with cognitive disabilities, who may be unsure what’s reasonably safe or not to open, who may have unreliable spam filters, or who may simply be … Continue reading

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Tweet spot

Roger Ebert (again) on the value of Twitter as augmentative communication: “Twitter for me performs the function of a running conversation. For someone who cannot speak, it allows a way to unload my zingers and one-liners. One of the problems … Continue reading

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Deja vu all over again

Coding kvetch: A perusal of the Apple Developer notes for designing websites to be compatible with the iPad shows that one of the guidelines discourages exclusive use of mouse-specific event handlers such as mouseover and mouseout. Instead, they encourage use … Continue reading

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Guten ’nuff

Project Gutenberg is a long-standing project that transfers out-of-copyright books into electronic text formats–usually classic fiction, but there are some oddball gems scattered in as well. Now comes word that some fraction of these titles will be available through the … Continue reading

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