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Now, Here’s Some Savvy Consumer Advocacy

A group of folks have started a campaign to get Netflix to add audio description to more of its streaming videos. What’s so savvy? They recognize that the studios that create the videos have a role to play, not just … Continue reading

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Ready, set, Odiogo

One of the most popular assistive technology features we’ve been asked about in recent years is the ability to convert text to downloadable audio files on the fly. Now there’s Odiogo, a free, mainstream service that does the same thing … Continue reading

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Working?: (IE)Nine to (HTML)Five

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) tested support for HTML5 among commonly-used browsers, and found that Internet Explorer 9 does the overall best job. However, these results are not entirely consistent with the accessibility-focused review of HTML5 being done by … Continue reading

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Still better Windows text-to-speech

Balabolka adds new features to free text-to-speech for Windows.  You can import all kinds of files, set the voice characteristics you want, change the speed and emphasis, etc., then export the results as audio files, say for an mp3 player.  … Continue reading

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Diminished Reality

We’ve covered augmented reality interfaces, where a video image is superimposed with additonal content, such as the history of a building your camera is pointed at.  Now researchers at the Technische Universität in Ilmenau, Germany are going the other way … Continue reading

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Directions For Me

Small-footprint CCTV-type devices are blooming all over to provide people with visual disabilities magnified or audio access to product labels. However, this may be an involved process, especially if the labels are located in odd places–no one wants to be … Continue reading

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