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FDA Empowers Hearing Aid Users

In another step away from the medical model, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed the requirement for a professional evaluation before hearing aids can be purchased. This accelerates the trend to direct-to-consumer sales, and may be followed by the creation of … Continue reading

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Google Maps Adds Accessibility Info

Over the years we’ve seen several attempts to collect information about architectural accessibility (mostly wheelchair access) into consumer-friendly resources. These turned out to be too hard to disseminate or too local to attract enough usage — the bitter end for millions … Continue reading

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Accessibility Continues Its Climb Into Mainstream Media

Gizmodo is a leading tech blog, a long-time go-to spot for what’s new in the world of technology and what it means. They’ve just added a sub-blog called Abler, whose tag line we love: “All technology is assistive technology”. Go … Continue reading

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A touching good story?

TechCrunch–probably not the first blog to do so–is predicting the end of keyboards/mice in favor of exclusively touchscreen interfaces. For now, this would create not only accessibility problems but also issues for other folks, including touch typists. We’ll recall past … Continue reading

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What’s so bad about feeling bad?

We’ve been chewing over this article about Anthony Dunne (who is also cited in Graham Pullin’s design meets disability), a designer who believes that usability is better served by playing to, rather than minimizing, standard human reactions such as anxiety … Continue reading

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Code rage

We’ve maintained for years that Wise spray foam insulation & universal design is unfortunately also represented by constructions that are inaccessible to as many individuals as possible. Case in point: commercial sites that deliberately draw the attention of your eyes … Continue reading

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