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Inflated hopes

Designed for motorcycle riders, this wearable air bag system will protect against falls and other high impact events.  Many more people could continue to live independently if they felt safer moving around their homes and neighborhoods.  Just be sure to … Continue reading

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Just point your camera phone at any building or object (or person?) and a team of AI, GPS, and image processing software back in serverland delivers information to you: what it is, what it costs, your chances for a date…. … Continue reading

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Hand-y passwords

Researchers in Glasgow are looking at password strategies that don’t require memorization. Options in their prototype system, Dynahand, include being able to pick out your own handwriting from a “lineup,” and using drawings rather than alphanumeric symbols. Convenient for anyone … Continue reading

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OK, so we’re now at a point with CAPTCHA tests where either they’re too easy for spammers to crack or too hard for humans to interpret. New mainstream strategies are highly dependent on image recognition–impossible for blind people to use … Continue reading

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Good to the bone

In this Popular Science review of seven products under development for the future office, we particularly like Image 4, a security system whose biometrics are based on facial bone structure. This is a human characteristic that is about as universal … Continue reading

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San Jose Airport is implementing a new system that will let flyers pay $100 and go through a one-time background screening, then ever afterwards be able to pass standard security lines, zip through a biometric scanner, and continue on their … Continue reading

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