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Accessibility Continues Its Climb Into Mainstream Media

Gizmodo is a leading tech blog, a long-time go-to spot for what’s new in the world of technology and what it means. They’ve just added a sub-blog called Abler, whose tag line we love: “All technology is assistive technology”. Go … Continue reading

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Now, Here’s Some Savvy Consumer Advocacy

A group of folks have started a campaign to get Netflix to add audio description to more of its streaming videos. What’s so savvy? They recognize that the studios that create the videos have a role to play, not just … Continue reading

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Senate Committee Approves Reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act

The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee today passed the Workforce Investment Act, , which contains the Rehab Act, by a vote of 18-3. The bill is expected to pass the full Senate, but then have difficulty in … Continue reading

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911 to expand communication options

Texting is a perfect example of what AoMS is about–a mainstream technology that is seamlessly relevant to one or more groups of people with disabilities, in this case people with hearing or speech disabilities. However, when texting could be most … Continue reading

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Working?: (IE)Nine to (HTML)Five

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) tested support for HTML5 among commonly-used browsers, and found that Internet Explorer 9 does the overall best job. However, these results are not entirely consistent with the accessibility-focused review of HTML5 being done by … Continue reading

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You can’t spell “complain” without “LA”

Using an Apple iPhone app, L.A. citizens can now take a picture of a broken sidewalk or other municipal flaw and send it directly to the city government for instant relief.  How about reporting blocked curbcuts or illegal use of … Continue reading

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