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Talking with my g-g-generation

AARP and Microsoft just published the results of a (small) market survey of 50-60 year old Boomers and their attitudes towards technology. Although assistive features didn’t seem to come up by name, the inevitable Boomer self-centric world view resulted in … Continue reading

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When in Rome, do like a Roman

Now that we think about it, it makes sense: fear of H1N1 may be driving development of touch-free products light years forward. Take the Holy Water dispenser that some Italian churches are installing and which work on the same principle … Continue reading

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People with Up

What do the films How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Up have in common? Besides (despite?) featuring unapologetic curmudgeons as primary characters, they both represent accessibility landmarks: Grinch was the first commercially-released DVD to have a closed-captioned option, and Up … Continue reading

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Voluptuous volume

You wouldn’t dream of doing a PowerPoint presentation without bringing a projector to maximize visibility, right? However, if the presentation has an audio component, at most you might stuff a couple of cheap speakers into your carry-on and figure that’ll … Continue reading

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Thus voicemailed Zarathustra

GotVoice is the forthcoming result of a collaboration between Microsoft and a company called Spoken to create a better strategy for doing audio-to-text transcription of voicemails. Unlike some current systems that rely heavily on human transcription, GotVoice will use a … Continue reading

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Book ’em, Marian

Brave new world: libraries are now circulating e-books. Although some attention has been given to copyright concerns (e.g., only one patron can be reading a specific e-book copy at a time, and it automatically disappears from their reader after a … Continue reading

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