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A waste of money

Here’s the dark side of accessibility features in mainstream products: Insurance companies may refuse to pay for, say, a communication aid if it’s implemented as part of a standard computer or cell phone, or may insist that all features unrelated … Continue reading

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Pill pager prompts Pop to pop

We’ve seen many medicine reminders, high and low tech.  Now we’ve got one that does text messaging!  This compact, attractive prototype pill dispenser can receive SMS (wireless text) messages that remind the user to take a pill.  The message and … Continue reading

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Debate continues on Universal Service Fund

Hearings in the US Senate raised several options for maintaining the Universal Service Fund (USF). The USF, which delivers $5 billion a year for rural and underserved telecom users, has been undercut by VoIP and reduced long distance charges. Two … Continue reading

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Canadians establish fund to improve telecom access

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is establshing a fund of approximately $650 million to improve access to telecom both for people with disabilities and rural citizens. Advocacy groups will play a role in deciding how the fund will … Continue reading

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UN backs worldwide distribution of low-cost laptops

The United Nations Development Program will support the “$100 laptop” unveiled in late 2005. Designed for schools in developing countries, the laptop features open source software and a power crank. Does it feature accessibility? We’d be willing to pay $100 … Continue reading

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Economic benefit of broadband adoption

The New Millenium Research Council released a report that estimates the potential advantages of broadband for elders and people with disabilities. It’s a staggering $927 billion in healthcare and institutional living savings, plus increased labor participation. Broadband Use for Elderly, … Continue reading

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