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Hearing loss epidemic

The CDC is now estimating that there are more than 5 million kids with noise-related hearing damage. This is blamed to a large extent on a fully preventable cause: Loud and protracted use of MP3 players that can be set … Continue reading

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Not getting our vote

The Pew Center sponsored a usability review of state websites providing election-related information, and found that on a scale of 1 to 100, the average overall usability score was a discouraging 58. Ten percent of the score was based on … Continue reading

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Curb undercut

Presented as a reminder that accessible voting–among other things–needs to be thought out holistically; not much good to be able to vote outside if you have to go inside to let ’em know you’re there. Reminds us of a towel … Continue reading

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While Microsoft and other tech leaders are pushing for ever-increasing use of mobile technology, a new study links this to a 30% uptick in repetitive strain injuries among workers. Let’s hope this is an incentive for product design changes, at … Continue reading

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More CAPTCHA follies

We’ve posted a good bit about CAPTCHAs, the automated techniques that try to distinguish humans from vile software bots when visiting websites or registering for accounts, such as the blurry letters you have to type into a box. It’s an … Continue reading

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Pod? Aye…

Heathrow will be introducing a fleet of on-demand four-passenger transport pods to zip travelers to whatever airport destination they choose. Ideal for people with disabilities, you say? Well, the schematic shows something of a lip between floor and platform, and … Continue reading

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