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More invisible touch, yeah

Apple has patented a technique to hide sensors beneath the skin of a product.  They will be completely invisible and undiscernible any other way as well (in direct contravention of 1194.23(k)(1) of Section 508, which is now under review).  But … Continue reading

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Applecalypse Now

Not content to ban suggestive iPhone apps from their store, Apple has decided they can also ban apps based on “minimal user functionality.” So the quirky utility that might just solve an access problem–like the air blower–won’t be available?  Not … Continue reading

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Losing face

The HP MediaSmart computer comes with a face-tracking capability based on “standard algorithms that measure the difference in intensity of contrast between the eyes and the upper cheek and nose.” Apparently “standard” = “Caucasian,” since it refused to work for … Continue reading

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A waste of money

Here’s the dark side of accessibility features in mainstream products: Insurance companies may refuse to pay for, say, a communication aid if it’s implemented as part of a standard computer or cell phone, or may insist that all features unrelated … Continue reading

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No one wants to be defeated

There’s a scene in Airplane! where a scoop of reporters heads simultaneously into a row of phone booths, and the booths fall straight over. Google found itself facing a sort of electronic equivalent yesterday when the volume of Michael Jackson … Continue reading

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No rapture for CAPTCHA

Google is working on a new CAPTCHA strategy that requires the user to click on a flipped image and return it to its proper spatial orientation. So now you have to be able to see, click, and judge spatial orientation … Continue reading

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