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Another Step In Computer Vision

Welcome the Structure Sensor — a device you attach to your iPad that lets you capture 3D objects in space automatically. That is, move it around the object a bit, and it begins to appear as a 3D model that … Continue reading

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Exquisite control

Oh my, we do like the Sony RM-KZ1 universal remote. Originally designed for kids, its main buttons are all distinct shapes (easy to distinguish by touch for blind folks) and have high-contrast labeling. Plus, it prevents volume from being changed … Continue reading

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Wii will all go together when we go

Here’s a cool hands-free wheelchair control setup, based off a Wii remote. It’s a high school science project for now, but has tremendous potential for being a low-cost commercial strategy that could significantly improve chair design. Engadget: Student moves quadriplegics … Continue reading

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What is accessibility?

Slightly off-topic, but worthwhile: a very short video that neatly explains the need for universal design. (Too bad they didn’t mention cognitive disabilities, though.) YouTube: What is accessibility?

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iPad your pad

Environmental control has always been a huge issue for people with mobility disabilities; if you can’t control the TV from afar, for example, you may be stuck watching bad reruns long after your program of interest has ended. Ability to … Continue reading

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Cool for school

Some prestigious universities are starting to accept short videos as part of their admissions applications. This has great implications, particularly for kids with learning disabilities who may need non-written means to show their genuine worthiness. New York Times: To Impress, … Continue reading

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