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Working?: (IE)Nine to (HTML)Five

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) tested support for HTML5 among commonly-used browsers, and found that Internet Explorer 9 does the overall best job. However, these results are not entirely consistent with the accessibility-focused review of HTML5 being done by … Continue reading

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Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?

The AlphaUi keyboard is an interesting concept: you hold it like an iPad, but you press actual keys on the bottom with eight fingers rather than virtual keys on the top with your thumbs. The screen has a display that … Continue reading

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iPad tie

The Hand-e-holder attaches to your iPad and then wraps around your hand so you can hold the iPad one-handed and grip-free. Potentially useful for people who find the iPad difficult to hold and operate. But shouldn’t it be called the … Continue reading

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Not-so-silly wabbit

Turns out the Nabaztag bunny’s story isn’t over after all…after the original manufacturer, Violet, filed for bankruptcy, the little rabbit became Real got bought up by Mindscape and released in a new version called–oh please–Karotz. In addition to its traditional … Continue reading

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Dude, where’s my mouse?

MIT has come up with a prototype for an invisible mouse. You cup and move your hand as you would with a standard mouse, but instead of a physical piece of plastic, there’s a camera and light source that track … Continue reading

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Still better Windows text-to-speech

Balabolka adds new features to free text-to-speech for Windows.  You can import all kinds of files, set the voice characteristics you want, change the speed and emphasis, etc., then export the results as audio files, say for an mp3 player.  … Continue reading

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