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Google Maps Adds Accessibility Info

Over the years we’ve seen several attempts to collect information about architectural accessibility (mostly wheelchair access) into consumer-friendly resources. These turned out to be too hard to disseminate¬†or too local to attract enough usage — the bitter end for millions … Continue reading

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iPad dock will add gesture control

A dock for the Apple iPad will allow users to sweep and swipe in mid-air, as far away as a foot from the iPad.¬† No word yet on what gestures will be included, but they will let you control regular … Continue reading

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Optical character recognition tool might have applications for assistive technology users

WordLens is a new iPhone app that can be used to recognize text within graphics and translate it (just Spanish->English and English->Spanish for now). Because this uses optical character recognition, we wonder if the technology could also be used to … Continue reading

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Instapaper auto adjusts contrast based on time of day

Instapaper is a neat little iPhone app that lets you save websites for future perusal. What’s interesting about its latest release is that it lets you enter your location, and adjusts the text/background contrast from dark-on-light to light-on-dark around the … Continue reading

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Visual signal for Twitter keywords

In the spirit of Nabaztag, here’s an interesting hack involving an animatronic monkey that waves its arms whenever a keyword appears in a Twitter stream. Good alternative to a beep for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Gizmodo: Super cute Twitter monkey … Continue reading

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Ready, set, Odiogo

One of the most popular assistive technology features we’ve been asked about in recent years is the ability to convert text to downloadable audio files on the fly. Now there’s Odiogo, a free, mainstream service that does the same thing … Continue reading

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