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FDA Empowers Hearing Aid Users

In another step away from the medical model, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed the requirement for a professional evaluation before hearing aids can be purchased. This accelerates the trend to direct-to-consumer sales, and may be followed by the creation of … Continue reading

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Do You Hearable What I Hear?

Hearables are wearable devices you listen to, such as earbuds and headphones. These product parts or accessories, already obviously popular, are positioned to grow in use and take over new functions, including replacing some visual interfaces, with embedded microphones, gyro … Continue reading

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Audio Aware App Amplifies Alerts, Alarms, Accidents

Say you’re walking down the street, distractedly listening to the music on your mobile device, just about to step off the curb. Wouldn’t you want to be aware of any nearby sirens or alarms going off? One Llama has developed … Continue reading

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Exquisite control

Oh my, we do like the Sony RM-KZ1 universal remote. Originally designed for kids, its main buttons are all distinct shapes (easy to distinguish by touch for blind folks) and have high-contrast labeling. Plus, it prevents volume from being changed … Continue reading

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Primp up the volume!

No one buys a laptop or netbook for audio quality, but lots of people use their portable devices for audio-intensive apps like playing music, watching movies, and talking on VoIP.  Now people with mild to moderate hearing loss can improve … Continue reading

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No iPad jokes from us, no sir

We were going to wait until some of the hype died down before considering the accessibility side of the iPad–but fortunately our friend Ricky Buchanan has already started the process. Looks promising! AT Mac: Accessibility and the iPad: First Impressions

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