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Blio us away

The latest developer to enter the e-book fray is Ray Kurzweil, who this week will be revealing Blio. Instead of taking a hardware approach, though, Blio is platform-independent, free software that will present books in a consistent format–rather like PDF–that … Continue reading

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Google Goggles, we accept you

Today’s Google press event foretold some innovations that could make finding information easier for everyone, including people with disabilities. With our usual reservations about accuracy, we’re intrigued by query-by-voice technology. Google Goggles will let you submit a photo and return … Continue reading

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Cupertino coups

Apple continues hard at work on interesting ideas with accessibility implications. One recent patent filing is for a system that eliminates the need for “ejecting” a USB or similar device before it is disconnected from a computer. Disengagement occurs when … Continue reading

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Shot, less in the dark

OK, here’s what we’re all about: Alex Dejong, a professional photographer with acquired blindness, figured out how to use the VoiceOver speech output feature in the latest iPhone to access photo editing applications, eliminating the need to hire an assistant. … Continue reading

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Card trick

James Alliban, a Flash programmer in London, has come up with an augmented reality business card; point it at a webcam, and it gives you a 3D representation plus audio–think Leia’s virtual “Help me, Obi-Wan” incarnation. The video still leaves … Continue reading

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Talk to new iPhone, and it talks back

The slate of features for the new iPhone 3GS has a few items that caught our attention–primarily voice control and voice output. The latter will be great for people with learning disabilities, but still not useful for blind folks until … Continue reading

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