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Smile and Move Along

We’ve seen a lot of progress in facial recognition recently; now we’ve got facial expression recognition. That’s right, smile to control your wheelchair (or whatever). It’s a control capability and a way to authenticate a user.

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First Sighting: VR in the Workplace

Interesting speculative article on VR for work. We’ve heard a lot of these ideas one at a time — less commuting, how to create happy-accidental encounters — but there’s all here in one place, along with some new ideas and … Continue reading

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iPad dock will add gesture control

A dock for the Apple iPad will allow users to sweep and swipe in mid-air, as far away as a foot from the iPad.  No word yet on what gestures will be included, but they will let you control regular … Continue reading

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911 to expand communication options

Texting is a perfect example of what AoMS is about–a mainstream technology that is seamlessly relevant to one or more groups of people with disabilities, in this case people with hearing or speech disabilities. However, when texting could be most … Continue reading

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Voice-activated flashlight

From the world of Harry Potter comes a voice-activated flashlight that responds to whatever on and off commands you record. Could be great for people with dexterity or visual disabilities, and anyone in the middle of a power outage. ThinkGeek: … Continue reading

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Sneaky snapper

Camera Camouflage is a new iPhone app that will pretend to call your phone. Every time you speak, or make any noise louder than the ambient environment, the app snaps a picture. Great hands-free photography option for people with severe … Continue reading

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