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Cloudy captions

Online captions make videos accessible to people with hearing or language disabilities, and make content indexing and searching possible for everyone.  There are more than a few online captioning tools.  But SpeakerText is a bit different.  It uses speech recognition … Continue reading

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GPS crustation

Japanese drivers with left/right dyslexia have a new friend in NaviRobo, a small crab robot that syncs with the Pioneer GPS system and points its claws in the direction you’re supposed to go–a rather elegant non-verbal navigation strategy. The same … Continue reading

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

We were going to just laud the push towards real-time cell phone video as being good for sign language conversing and leave it there. But with the omnipresent development of apps, there is also potential for enhanced augmentative communication–imagine, for … Continue reading

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PhoneTag Live, you’re it!

Ditech Networks (not the lenders) has had a voice mail transcription service for a while.  Now they’re offering live transcription for conference calls.  This is a mainstream version of the real-time captioning service that’s been available for deaf and hard … Continue reading

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The elegantly named ButtKicker translates low frequency sounds into vibrations on whatever you attach it to–the press release suggests “chair, car, or drum throne.” We’d guess Deaf folks will find all kinds of applications for it, both for practical uses … Continue reading

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Caption crunch

Onstage LED displays that provide redundant text have been an opera staple for some time, but to the best of our knowledge there hasn’t been a widespread equivalent for other types of theatrical performances. That might change with Airscript, a … Continue reading

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