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Another Step Forward in Automatic Speechreading

Bit by bit, computer vision analysis is advancing to the point of offering rapid, accurate speechreading. Cornell’s LipNet uses sentence-length, natural utterances to improve its accuracy, which at 93%, surpasses skilled humans. Just a prototype for now, we hope to … Continue reading

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Buzz Me In

Travel site Triposo has a new fashion accessory for you and your smartphone: the Travel Belt. Its 4 vibrating motors buzz at your waist to give you turning and walking directions to your destination. This saves you from constantly consulting … Continue reading

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Visual signal for Twitter keywords

In the spirit of Nabaztag, here’s an interesting hack involving an animatronic monkey that waves its arms whenever a keyword appears in a Twitter stream. Good alternative to a beep for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Gizmodo: Super cute Twitter monkey … Continue reading

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Yakkity yak

The Conversacube is a small box that “listens” to ambient conversations and provides the user with cues about chiming in. Theoretically created for the shy, but could easily be helpful for people with disabilities such as autism, and possibly as … Continue reading

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Not-so-silly wabbit

Turns out the Nabaztag bunny’s story isn’t over after all…after the original manufacturer, Violet, filed for bankruptcy, the little rabbit became Real got bought up by Mindscape and released in a new version called–oh please–Karotz. In addition to its traditional … Continue reading

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Sync and swim

YouTubeSocial is a website that lets you load a video and notify all your pals so they can watch it along with you, IM-ing all the while. Anyone else thinkin’ this could be a great tool for providing on-the-fly real-time … Continue reading

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