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Clock provides visual cues on appropriate sleep/wake times

We’ve previously covered persistent alarm clocks, but never appreciated the need to address a complimentary problem: people who wake up early and don’t realize that others in their household still need to sleep. Now there’s the Stoplight Alarm Clock, which … Continue reading

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Ready, set, Odiogo

One of the most popular assistive technology features we’ve been asked about in recent years is the ability to convert text to downloadable audio files on the fly. Now there’s Odiogo, a free, mainstream service that does the same thing … Continue reading

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Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?

The AlphaUi keyboard is an interesting concept: you hold it like an iPad, but you press actual keys on the bottom with eight fingers rather than virtual keys on the top with your thumbs. The screen has a display that … Continue reading

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Yakkity yak

The Conversacube is a small box that “listens” to ambient conversations and provides the user with cues about chiming in. Theoretically created for the shy, but could easily be helpful for people with disabilities such as autism, and possibly as … Continue reading

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Not-so-silly wabbit

Turns out the Nabaztag bunny’s story isn’t over after all…after the original manufacturer, Violet, filed for bankruptcy, the little rabbit became Real got bought up by Mindscape and released in a new version called–oh please–Karotz. In addition to its traditional … Continue reading

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Still better Windows text-to-speech

Balabolka adds new features to free text-to-speech for Windows.  You can import all kinds of files, set the voice characteristics you want, change the speed and emphasis, etc., then export the results as audio files, say for an mp3 player.  … Continue reading

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