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Ready, set, Odiogo

One of the most popular assistive technology features we’ve been asked about in recent years is the ability to convert text to downloadable audio files on the fly. Now there’s Odiogo, a free, mainstream service that does the same thing … Continue reading

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Exquisite control

Oh my, we do like the Sony RM-KZ1 universal remote. Originally designed for kids, its main buttons are all distinct shapes (easy to distinguish by touch for blind folks) and have high-contrast labeling. Plus, it prevents volume from being changed … Continue reading

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Still better Windows text-to-speech

Balabolka adds new features to free text-to-speech for Windows.  You can import all kinds of files, set the voice characteristics you want, change the speed and emphasis, etc., then export the results as audio files, say for an mp3 player.  … Continue reading

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Like a hand with a cool seven-letter word, or like QWXJJZK?

The first commercial app is now available for the Kindle: a uniplayer version of Scrabble. Can it be used with Kindle’s voice output capabilities? Now that there’s a precedent, will there be other apps that take advantage of Kindle voice … Continue reading

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Boil howdy

The Boil Buoy gets put in the pot of water you’ve got on the stove. When the water hits the boiling stage, the Buoy gives out a ringing tone. Developed for the mainstream via Quirky, the design-by-consensus website, but we … Continue reading

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Yuban waiting for this

Fingerprint biometrics have been used for security for some time, but finally they’re being applied to something really important–coffee making. The Xelsis Digital ID saves preference information for up to six people, and brews your cup your way at the … Continue reading

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