Analysis and planning

In order to know where your company needs to be, you should understand the territory.  Inclusive Technologies can help you find your way:

Industry analysis

In your industry, which firms are the leaders in accessibility?  How did they get there, and why?  What are their best practices? What does this mean for your company

Public sector purchasers

How are public sector procurement agents seeking to comply with the accessibility requirements of Section 508?  What are the 508 implications for your products and how you market them?

Technology analysis

Where is your industry's technology going?  Will it help you make products attractive to people with disabilities or will it add unintended barriers instead?  How does your company's technology strategy map against the needs of people with disabilities and regulatory constraints?

Strategic planning

Based on this shared understanding, we can help you develop an accessibility strategy that meets market and regulatory objectives in a way that is consistent with your way of doing business.