About Inclusive Technologies

Welcome to Inclusive Technologies; we’re here to help you develop, market, or purchase accessible and usable products — products that work better for everyone because they’re easy to use.

We focus on access to information and communication technologies (ICT).  A lot of what we do revolves around US regulations like Section 255 and Section 508, but we have a wider vision of accessibility as part of an inclusive technology strategy that builds markets and user satisfaction, efficiently.

Inclusive Technologies provides a full range of consulting services to companies, public agencies, consumers, researchers, purchasers, and policy makers on how products can better meet the needs of all users, including users with disabilities and elders.

Our specialty is practical, in-the-trenches information. Here are the services we offer.

We specialize in mainstream products and services, not assistive technologies (AT). AT has a lot to offer, don’t get us wrong! But the mainstream is where most people — even most disabled people — find the products and services they use, so accessible mainstream products will reach more people faster. Mainstream products can add a lot of valuable accessibility with little or no additional effort. This idea is sometimes called “universal design” or “design for all”.

Contact us by email (info AT inclusive DOT com) or phone (+1.908.907.2387)

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