R.I.P. Marta Russell

Although few in the domain of accessible technology may have known of her work, we lost a powerful and unique thinker in the field of disability and inclusion this week with the death of Marta Russell. Russell’s book, Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract is a clear-eyed analysis of the political economy of disability. Her continuing work applied the same theoretical lens, insisting that a civil rights approach by itself could not possibly undo the dollar-driven dynamic of exclusion experienced by people with disabilities. We strive to improve the economic arguments in favor of accessibility, whether by reducing the costs of inclusive features or via market-efficient public policies. Her voice, though at a distance and now silenced, was always a challenge.

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  1. Debby Kaplan says:

    I had the privilege of getting to know Marta when I lived briefly in the L.A. area. I am very sad at this news.

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