Web accessibility video — please comment on the rough cut

We’ve put together a new music video about web accessibility, called “POUR Me a Website”. Take a look and leave a comment here or on YouTube.

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One Response to Web accessibility video — please comment on the rough cut

  1. Gerry Ellis says:

    I am blind. I listened to, rather than watched, the jazz piece “Pour me a Website”. Sorry, but it didn’t work for me. As I will explain, this is not because i thought that the idea was bad or that the people involved did a poor job, but because it did not strike a chord where the casual or the dedicated listener would make the link between the music and the message.
    I think my impression was coloured by two basic reasons:
    1. The word website was mentioned far too many times and it continually distracted me. Each time I heard the word I wondered when i would hear it next. Yes, there it is again!
    2. I thought that the recording value for the music was good, but that the quality of recording for the voice did not come up to a standard that I would expect. I don’t mean that I demand a professional level, but I found that the voice, which is the point of the whole thing, feels tinny and light. An experienced listener could tell that this is not the natural voice of the singer as she has a strong and interesting voice. I got the impression that she is either too far from the mike or her recording level is not sympathetic with the music.
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the idea and the execution wasn’t bad. However, I just do not feel that the overall package could grab the attention of the casual listener or the listener who is prepared to let the message sink in if the music quality demands attention.
    Again,sorry for this and I do not at all mean to be nasty or mean.
    Gerry Ellis in dublin, Ireland.

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