New Web Accessibility Video

Here’s a new video that promotes web accessibility by striking at the core of some myths about it. It’s got a beat you can dance or code to, and best of all, it’s from the Government of Australia.

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2 Responses to New Web Accessibility Video

  1. Geof Collis says:

    As a blind accessible web developer I always find it annoying when people do things in the name of accessibility but they dont present it that way.

    They write:

    accessibility is about universality.

    It’s about making something that can be used by as many people as possible: different environments, different devices, elderly, different cultural backgrounds, non-English speakers, impaired abilities.

    Then they prsent a video that I have no idea what is going on, sweet!

    • Jim Tobias says:

      It’s true that the video has no narration. However, the entire text is in the description on the YouTube page. In some ways that’s good enough, but maybe not everyone agrees. I think it’s something of an open question as to whether transcripts of those popular text animations do the job, or whether a full and synchronized description track is needed, as a player option. I guess having both is optimal, but what’s acceptable, or “functionally equivalent”?

      As to your other point, that universality sometimes outshines the accessibility message, I agree. There’s no need to bury accessibility. In fact, I think we need to push a bit deeper into the whole idea that the universal design advantage apply to every accessibility feature — some features benefit all users, and some don’t. It’s easier to make a business case for alt text than it is for form field labels, for example. Recognizing that isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of honesty.

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