Directions For Me

Small-footprint CCTV-type devices are blooming all over to provide people with visual disabilities magnified or audio access to product labels. However, this may be an involved process, especially if the labels are located in odd places–no one wants to be crawling all over a mattress, for example, just to get a shot of the “Do not remove under penalty of having bedbugs sprinkled in your hair” tag. Enter Directions For Me, a website that lists the product label information for food, health and beauty products, and a miscellaneous set of other consumables. This lets anyone pull up relevant product information on a smartphone or tablet during or even before their shopping trip. Buyer paradise? Well, yes, if Horizons for the Blind, the sponsoring non-profit, has continued funding to add, modify, or delete information on a regular basis. Fingers firmly crossed.

Directions for Me

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