IE Aieeee?

Skimming through a review of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 release, we saw some changes that might be problematic for assistive technology users. For example: “All but the most essential interface elements in the browser have been removed or hidden in IE9, by default.” (Is there a clear way to get them back so users don’t have to go through a long learning curve?) “Warnings and dialog boxes no longer pop up and demand your attention. Instead, notifications and action buttons appear in a discreet bar along the bottom of the window, where you can address them at your convenience. (Will screen readers pick up on this? Will it be too subtle for people with low vision? Is indiscretion still an option?) “The most useful innovation in IE9 is the introduction of what Microsoft calls pinned shortcuts….you open a website in an IE9 tab, then drag its icon from the address bar (or drag the tab itself) onto the Taskbar, where it’s pinned just like a program.” (Any way to do this without dragging?) Fingers crossed that some of this will have been addressed, or at least documented, by the release date.

ZDNet: Internet Explorer 9 beta review: Microsoft reinvents the browser

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