Welcome to the Hotel Call-lock-for-ya

Holiday Inn will soon be installing special room locks that open when you play a coded song for them from your smartphone.  Both the unlock tones and your room assignment will be sent to your phone automatically, so you can skip the front desk.  The OpenWays system may help customers who have dexterity or visual difficulty using keycards, but it also makes the accessibility of smartphones that much more essential — as these mobile devices become ever more integral, being left out really means being left out.

Soon You’ll Unlock Hotel Room Doors By Playing Songs on Your Phone–Gizmodo

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  1. Assuming this works best with tunes penned by Jim Morrison. Can a similar Rik Ocasek service be far behind?

    Seriously: the ability to use a unique coded tune might play a role in work-arounds for people without fingerprints, eyes, or other standard body parts assumed by biometric systems.

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