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Some folks don’t have the ability to put a pot on the stove…but what if you could put a stove on the pot? Mathieu Baele has envisioned the Stoov, which is a magnetic device that can be charged and attached to your cookware. For big cooking projects, you can attach multiple Stoovs–the charger can handle up to six units at a time. Turn off the unit, and it auto-releases; forget to turn off the unit and there’s probably a significantly lower chance of fire than with traditional cookers.

Yanko Design: A Pack O’ Heat-Em-Ups

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  1. In fact, it looks like the bathroom may have been surpassed by the kitchen as a prime testing ground for universal design. (I/O jokes left to you, gentle reader.)

    TechNewsWorld: High-Tech Avoids the Mess in Voice-Activated Future Kitchen

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